How to Keep Work Computers Secure

keep work computers secure

As company owner, your job is to make sure your company’s data is secure and stays within your company. Both upper management and employees must work together to keep work computers secure.

Everyone must take the necessary steps keep data safe. In addition, employees should have access only to data which is needed for their job.

Risky Behavior Among Employees

Employees often use their computer in ways which can put data security at risk. Some of these activities which do not keep work computers secure are:

Using Programs Not Approved. Programs not approved by management can result in someone outside the company accessing company data. Be sure your employees know that only approved and legal copies of programs can be used.

Unnecessary Use of ComputersIf an employee does not need to be using the internet or their computer to finish their work, then they should be off-line. The longer you are on-line and surfing the web the more likely employees download a virus or malware.

Password SharingThere is no reason for employees to be sharing their passwords with one another. This is one major way in which the company is not able to keep work computers secure. Account access is a primary method for upper management to track how an employee uses their computer.

File AccessLimit employee account access only to files needed to do their job well.

Measure to Reduce Risky Behavior and Prevent a Data Leak

PoliciesHaving a clear policy in place is important, especially in the sales industry. Your employee policy should state that any client relationships or files which the employee creates while working for the company are owned by the company. When the employee leaves the company, they have no control over their files or client relations.

Data Protection. Be sure existing and new employees are fully aware of the company’s data protection policies. Ensure clear procedures are in place if there are violations. Train employees regularly regarding data protection. You’re responsible for employees to understand the importance of data protection as well as making sure they know how to keep their data safe. Train employees on the data protection tools they can use.

Employee ContractsFollowing on from the first point that we made, make sure that it is clearly states both the company’s code of contact andcontract to keep work computers secure data ownership policies. This will support the company if an unfortunate lawsuit arises in the future. Put in writing what you expect from your employees. Clearly outline the consequences which result from not adhering to these expectations.

Specific Data AccessCertain people require widespread data access. Apart from this small number of people, every other employee should have limited file access. Furthermore, tracking what each employee has access to will help you pinpoint certain activities.

Suspicious ActivityWhen it comes to reporting suspicious employee activity, anonymity is important. Nobody wants to be known as a tattle tale or snitch. You must emphasize the importance of reporting suspicious activity. Provide ways to report this activity anonymously. Additionally, train employees spotting security problems with other employees.


Although no one is capable of fully preventing a data leak, take specific strategies to support data protection. This decreases the chances of a data leak. Everyone must understand the importance of data protection and use strategies to keep work computers secure. This sets your mind at rest and enables the growth of your company.

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