Is Cloud Computing Safe?

cloudIs Cloud Computing Safe?

When it comes to computers, we are constantly looking into the latest data storage methods as well as methods to keep our data safe. One of the newest storage methods, and possibly one of the biggest, is cloud storage. If you aren’t familiar with cloud storage. Simply but it allows you to store data on a computer that isn’t your own. Not only does it allow you to increase the speed of your own computer and stop file clutter, but it can save a company money. However, a lot of people question how secure cloud computing actually is and this is something which prevents a lot of people from making the change.

The Risks of Cloud Computing

The main risk with cloud computing is that you are putting your trust and faith into another company. They will be overseeing your data and therefore will have full access to it; a must to keeping it secure.

Another risk with cloud computing is that the status of the computer hardware and software are also in the hands of another company. If something goes wrong with either of these things there is a possibility of data loss.

Even though most cloud computing companies make endless promises to secure your data, at the end of the day there is still the possibility of something going wrong and if something does go wrong, you’ve lost your data regardless of the promises that were made. Although you place your faith in them, you are still responsible for making sure that your data is safe.

Without a doubt, cloud computing is still working its way to perfection and it is far from it. For this reason alone, it’s clear as to why many have yet to make the change to cloud storage. While it has its flaws, there are still many other aspects of cloud storage which have persuaded people to make the leak.

Cloud Storage Safety

Simply put, in order to prevent any data leaks or breaches, cloud software uses data encryption. This takes place not only when the data is being transferred between client and server, and vice versa, but also while the data remains on the cloud server. Many cloud storage services will offer their customers encryption keys, allowing you to gain full control over who has access to your data. This allows you to add an extra level of data security yourself.

When it comes to sharing data, cloud storage provides better security than if you were to simply email someone data. AND when emailing data, the data is at more risk than if you were to provide someone access to the data stored on a cloud server.

When an employee is fired, quits, or has taken another job. You always run the risk of them leaving with data which belongs to you. If you do not have a cloud storage system in place, this becomes more likely than if you were to have a cloud storage system in place. By removing the need for users to have USB drives or excessive hard drive storage, you are increasing your security in regard to ex-employees.

Lastly, taking backups of your data is simply a must. Data loss is something which can occur at any time and with ccthis in mind. Taking backups regularly will minimize the data that you lose if you do in fact suffer from data loss. Now, if you have local servers for your data. Then you are limited the number of backups that you can take. Although if you have a cloud server you are able to take as many backups as you’d like without having to worry about exceeding the data threshold.

Keeping Data Organized

This is something which anyone who uses a computer can work on. Keeping your data organized will make your life a lot easier, I guarantee it. With several employees storing important data on a server, it’s important that you have a clear and organized server so that different pieces of data can be easily located.

When it comes to productivity this is incredibly important. Rather than spending an unnecessary amount of time searching through directories. An organized filing system will allow everyone to easily locate what they’re looking for.

To Conclude…

Even though cloud computing isn’t perfect and still has a bit to go. If you research a few different cloud storage services which meet your requirements, then you needn’t worry about data security. Cloud computing is incredibly useful and is without a doubt a very convenient service to have implemented to your company.

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