Do You Know the Basics of WordPress?


Want to Manage Your Own Website: Basics of Word Press

Do You Know the Basics of WordPress? If you own your own business you need your own website. I’m sure you know that or you wouldn’t be reading this.

When I began I used the common form which is html. The problem with that was I couldn’t make simple changes to my website. If I found

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Manage Technology Disruptions in Presentations


Technology: The Boon and Bane of Our Lives

Technology Disruptions in Presentations You may not be old enough to remember life without technology. I remember sitting in front of our amazing black and white television and listening to the National Anthem as the station signed off for the night. It was a huge deal when we got our first colored

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How to Handle Your Work Buddy Leaving


What Will You Do When Your Favorite Co-Worker Decides to Move On?

How to Handle Your Work Buddy Leaving Workplace friendships play a big part in your job satisfaction. You’re bound to feel a little blue when you learn that a favorite co-worker has decided that it’s time to move on. You may also be concerned about how their departure will affect your workload.


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