The Damage a Botnet Could Cause

botThe Damage a Botnet Could Cause

A botnet is a group of computer networks used to control and command things such as an attack on another computer, sending out spam and phishing emails, and infecting other users with ransomware and spyware. All of these things are very malicious and they could damage both you and your computer.

It’s important to realise all of this could happen without you ever realising. Even if you do notice something is amiss it’s already too late. Below we’ve put together information on the damage a botnet could cause to both you and your computer.

  1. A botnet can take control of your computer.

It can happen in an instant. A botnet could take control of your computer with a browser plugin, or by visiting a link that will send you to someplace you don’t know. People tend to do things without thinking about them more often these days. This just makes it much easier for a scammer to get control of your computer and do some major damage.

  1. A botnet can launch a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack

A DDOS can be done against a company, a website, or even the government. These attacks are when a server receives too many requests and it fails because it can’t deal with the influx of traffic. These DDOS attacks can take even the most powerful and largest networks.

  1. A botnet can commit advertising fraud

Every computer in the world is capable of generating a fake ad. If you click on one then your computer is opened up to a whole world of danger and you could easily lose your personal information to an attacker.

  1. A botnet can distribute phishing emails

Many phishing emails are sent out by a botnet controlled by someone fishing for botnetyour money and personal details. These emails can look like they have been sent out by your bank and they have a link for you to click on. The link will send you to a website that looks so similar to your bank’s website you have trouble noticing. You fill out your information like you were asked and as soon as you do it’s in the hands of the scammer.

Here are some ways you can protect yourself and your computer from botnets:

  • Never click on a suspicious or unknown link. Even if the link is sent by someone you know they could have had their account compromised. Play it safe and ask the sender where the link comes from. Never click on something just because you know and trust the sender or because you’re getting bored. Scammers have achieved the levels of success they have because they understand how people work and how to take advantage of them.
  • Always turn your firewall on and set it to the maximum. This causes any application that uses the internet to ask your permission to do so. Deny permission when you don’t recognise the program.
  • Update your software. Scammers can find their way into their computer because you don’t update it. They can get in out outdated software and use their connection to destroy your computer and your life.
  • You don’t want to mess with a botnet and you want to avoid even coming into contact with them. These botnets are powerful and they are capable of destroying anything they touch. Always keep safe and watch out for the dangers that are lurking in the online world.

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